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The Hair Education Beauty Summit is a dynamic two-day event offering attendees a rich opportunity to learn and connect in the beauty industry. With specialized categories including barbering, locs, braids, protective styling, nail art, skincare, makeup, and color, participants can explore the latest trends and techniques from industry experts.




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Jay Majors

Professional Barber and Educator

Andy Mendoza

Professional Barber and Educator

The Hair Education Beauty Summit is an immersive two-day event designed to provide attendees with an unparalleled opportunity to both learn and connect within the beauty industry. During the summit, participants can dive deep into specialized categories:

Barbering Experience: This category is dedicated to the art and craft of barbering, covering a wide range of topics such as traditional barbering techniques, modern styles, beard grooming, and hair design. Attendees can expect hands-on workshops, live demonstrations, and discussions led by experienced barbers, providing valuable insights into the world of men’s grooming.

LocBraids International: Delve into the artistry and intricacies of locs and braids from around the world, learning from experts in the field. Celebrating the diversity and beauty of locs and braids from different cultures around the world, this category offers attendees the opportunity to learn about various techniques, cultural significance, and styling methods. Experts in locs and braids will share their knowledge through demonstrations, tutorials, and cultural discussions, fostering a deeper appreciation for these intricate styles.

Protective Styling: Discover innovative methods for safeguarding and enhancing natural hair, promoting healthy growth and styling versatility. Focused on maintaining the health and integrity of natural hair, this category explores protective styling techniques that minimize damage and promote growth. Attendees will learn how to create protective styles such as braids,  twists, and buns, as well as how to properly care for and maintain them. Discussions may also cover topics such as hair porosity, moisture retention, and product selection.

Nail Retro: Take a journey through the evolution of nail art, from vintage classics to contemporary designs, and learn how to master timeless techniques. From vintage-inspired designs to retro classics, this category takes attendees on a journey through the history of nail art.          Workshops and demonstrations will cover techniques such as hand-painting, nail stamping, and embellishments, allowing participants to hone their skills and experiment with timeless nail trends. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned nail technician, there’s something for everyone in Nail Retro.

SKINCARE Fabulous: Unlock the secrets to radiant, healthy skin with insights from skincare professionals,  covering everything from basic routines to advanced treatments. Skincare enthusiasts will find plenty to love in this category, which focuses on achieving healthy, radiant skin through effective skincare routines and treatments. Experts will share tips for addressing common skin concerns, choosing the right products for your skin type, and incorporating self-care practices into your daily routine. Attendees can expect product demonstrations,     skincare consultations, and discussions on the latest skincare trends and innovations.

MUA Make-up Glams: Perfect your makeup skills with guidance from makeup artists, exploring glamorous looks and the latest beauty products and techniques. Perfect for makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts alike, this category explores the art of glam makeup, from dramatic evening looks to red-carpet-worthy transformations. Attendees will learn techniques for flawless foundation application, precision contouring, bold eye makeup, and statement lips. With guidance from experienced makeup artists and industry professionals, participants can elevate their makeup skills and unleash their creativity.

Color Supreme: Explore the transformative power of color in hair and makeup, mastering the art of customization and expression. Embracing the transformative power of color, this category explores the world of hair and makeup customization. Attendees will learn how to create stunning color effects using hair dye, hair extensions, makeup pigments, and special effects products. From vibrant rainbow hues to subtle balayage blends, the possibilities are endless in Color Supreme. Experts will share tips for color theory,  formulation, and application techniques, empowering attendees to express themselves through bold, beautiful color

In addition to these educational opportunities, the summit also offers live performances and competitions, infusing the event with energy, excitement, and a spirit of friendly rivalry. Whether you’re seeking to expand your skill set, network with industry peers, or simply enjoy the festivities, the Hair Education Beauty Summit promises an enriching experience for all.


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